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Oma's Guestbook - Volume 1997, part 2
(Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington, USA)

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Webmaster's note: Oma regrets that her schedule does not permit her to respond to requests for information that is easily researched on this site and elsewhere on the Web.

Name: S. T. Comment:
Hello Omale, I thank you so much for visiting Laia and me. You are truly a wonderful Oma, for all ages and generations (I say this because Laia calls you Oma as well) I hope the trip back to Seattle and then home went smoothly and without too much stress. Thank you for the information on the Light Party. It sounds like they are doing a lot of good. I so much enjoyed seeing you and Thomas together. He is very special and you are fortunate to have him as a son. I looked forward to seeing you both this time and I look forward to seeing you again. I love you. Good night. Schlaf gut. Ich bin sehr mude. Today I brought the dog to some people who said that they wanted him. If i had a farm I would have kept him. There is a lot of love in that little bundle of fur. o.k o.k. enough is enough - bye. love, Sonja


City: Cobble Hill Canada
Date: Wed, Dec 31 1997 4:1hr

Name: Sandy Meyers Comment:
Hello! Thank you for having such a wonderful site. I am an R.N. and a Certified Herbalist who is just now going to start classes in Reflexology in Denver. I am really excited about this and can't wait to get started. I am a 40 year old mother of four and am totaly into alternative medicine after working for 6 years as a psychiatric nurse. Thank you for all of your great info. I will keep in touch with your site for future information.
E-Mail: Herbsnsuch (a. aol.com
City: Loveland, CO USA
Date: Mon, Dec 29 1997 17:6hr

Name: PJW Comment:
Hi Oma-I stumbled across your site a few months ago and thought it was great to see. I am a reflexologist that loves reading reflexology research. Do you have any suggestions on publications that I can get a hold of? I also wanted to tell you that I was classically trained to do one foot and then the other. After reading your page I've decided to give alternating them a try. It seems to be working out quite nicely. I appreciate all the information this site has to offer. Thank you for the abundance--your time, talent, and service to both the novice and the experienced. Take care. Penny
E-Mail: idofeet(a.execpc.com
City: Milwaukee USA
Date: Tue, Dec 16 1997 16:49hr

Name: Susan Turner Comment:
I purchased a book on reflexology at a flea market a few years ago. My father is diagnosed with pancratic cancer, but I am still hopeful. I looked up reflexology on the 'net and found a reference to Myra Alcorn's book. I noticed there was an E-Mail address and wrote to her. I have since received a few words of advise. I am hoping to one day become a practicer of reflexology. I am 46 and fed up with my present job.
I found your website and have reviewed it thoroughly. I am completely satisfied with what you have to say and hope that I may someday do justice to the field of reflexology. I have believed in homeopathic/holistic healing for quite a few years now, but in our area (northeaster Ohio) there are few and far between of the practioners. Thank you for having a site that promotes this.
Blessings to you and yours. Su.
E-Mail: susan.turner(a.yng.afres.af.mil
City: Cortland Ohio, USA
Date: Tue, Dec 16 1997 15:17hr

Name: Charron LeBuis Comment:
Hi! Oma,
I sent you a message on Dec. 2nd and forgot to give you my e-mail address. So, here it is.
E-Mail: charron.e.lebuis(a.monsanto.com
City: Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Date: Tue, Dec 9 1997 12:25hr

Name: Tamara Baker Comment:
I would like any information you could provide on training as a Reflexologist. Please contact me at 312 Ormond Drive Oshawa, ON L1K 1J2 or at (905) 723-7132. Thank you.
City: Oshawa Ontario
Date: Mon, Dec 8 1997 11:9hr

Name: Mark Staton Comment:
can you tell me what a " Atlas Wedge is I was tld I have one
by a reflexoligist
E-Mail: jmjones(a.earthlink.net
City: LA USA
Date: Mon, Dec 8 1997 5:28hr

Name: Charron LeBuis Comment:
Dear Oma:
I have enjoyed visiting your site and guestbook. I have been interested in reflexology for 4 years. I just finished my course, with the Reflexology Association of Canada, at the end of October. Two weeks ago, I wrote my written exam and passed with flying colours. I'm so happy! My practical exam is next. I've decided to practice at home, but haven't decided if I should get a portable or stationary reflexology table/chair. What do you suggest?
City: Mississauga Canada
Date: Tue, Dec 2 1997 13:29hr

Name: angela schweigert Comment:
I am a teacher of yoga who is interested in the field of reflexology. Can you give me any suggestons for furthering my study?
E-Mail: rhayes(a.turbonet.com
City: moscow usa
Date: Sat, Nov 29 1997 1:20hr

Name: Rich Sommer Comment:
Hi Oma,

My Oma lived to be 104, from Babenhausen, Bavaria, not far from your first home.
I am trying reflexology on my wife. Very much an amature, but I see positive results.

E-Mail: rsommer(a.wctc.net
City: Stevens Point, Wi USA
Date: Thu, Nov 27 1997 12:33hr

Name: kirsten Comment:
I would love to hear more about tantra. Plz send me a little info. Thank you. Take care, K
E-Mail: clematys(a.aol.com
City: fairfax usa
Date: Tue, Nov 25 1997 22:41hr

Name: Shirley Barr Comment:
Dear Oma,

Thank you for your advice and the educational material you have here, this is very interesting. Do you have a book for sale?

Take care of yourself,
E-Mail: rbarr(a.terra.nlnet.nf.ca
City: Happy Valley Canada
Date: Sun, Nov 23 1997 21:42hr

Name: Klaus Wallace Comment:
Greetings from Helena, Montana. Weather is not bad, have gone to chiropractor and am expecting some relief for my spasm. Patricia is computer-equipped and that is why I am sending you this message. Patricia was surprised to see the response in your guestbook. We will be back the 5th of December and I'll see you then. You can send me an email message here, care of Patricia, the address is Pjwa(a.aol.com. Patricia and I love you, Klaus
E-Mail: Pjwa(a.aol.com
City: Helena, Montana USA
Date: Thu, Nov 20 1997 21:2hr

Name: Roberto Souza Comment:
I was wondering if you know of an open position for a chiropractic student to work and perhaps establish practice in New Zealand, Australia or Northern Canada.

Thanks a lot,

E-Mail: souzar(a.hotmail.com
City: Portland, Oregon USA
Date: Wed, Nov 19 1997 20:58hr

Name: Seni Comment:
Can you please help me find a reflexology device that is a sturdy yellow plastic mat, the surface of which has all these different shapes like stones that they walk on to get reflexology massage... It also comes with a book to guide the user exactly how to use it. Please let me know where to find this product or where I can order it.

Thank you in advance.
City:Ontario Canada
Date:Sat, Nov 15 1997 2:24hr

Name: Melitta Bestebner Comment:
Hi Oma,
I enjoyed reading your page. At the moment I am at a point where I have to decide if I should get into a conventional medicine course or alternative medicine. I have been reading books and books...I like to scientific research in convential medicine but still prefer the holistic view point of alternative medicine.
If anybody would like to get in contact with me and share their experiences (esp. osteopathy, accupuncture and refl.) I would love to hear from you, folks!
Oma, how did you like Canada? It's a lovely country...isn't it? I spend about 13 months there and miss it quite a lot.

Also dann, alles Gute einstweilen....liebe Grüsse an alle deutschsprachigen Freunde!!
Pfiati and hope to hear from you soon!
Melitta Bestebner
City:Manchester(but orig. from Austria UK
Date:Sat, Nov 1 1997 15:28hr

Name: Christine White Comment:
I am a one year and a half old Reflexologist and love every moment. I didn't know of you until I opened the Internet and found you. If you have classes please send me an E-Mail of when they are.

I thank you for your education and knowledge. I plan to pass on this wonderfull profession to the many people I deal with on this planet.

Thank you


City:Van Nuys, CA U.S.A.
Date:Wed, Oct 29 1997 22:47hr

Name: Anne Scheck Comment:
Hi! I'm in 11th grade and I'm doing my research paper on the benefits of reflexology. I'm also going to incorporate this into my senior project for next year. Many people think that I am strange for wanting to do this but I am truly into this. When I go off to college I'm going to major in pre-med and then go off to podiatry school. When I open my own practice, I would like to also perform reflexology on my patients. If you have any information on this, would you mind sending me some? Thanks.

City:Mountainhome, Pa USA
Date:Mon, Oct 27 1997 19:29hr

Name: stefan bilanceri Comment:
Hi, i saw in your guest book a message from Coen van der Kroon , i've been searching for resources on URINE THERAPY, i saw his page earlier, My friend Roy Buckman is a uropath in Hollywood Ca. and is the author of "Health's Secret Weapon", and is going to be published, his opening web site is http://www.healthssecretweapon.com/
Its good that people are open minded to this subject because it can eventually help them . In the holistic society we are all intelligent and Whole because we have choosen the right paths in life , a "Whole" life
I will eventually read your book(s)
Drop us a line!!
City:sherman oaks california USA
Date:Wed, Oct 22 1997 15:48hr

Name: K. Shelton Comment:
Great site
City:Manchester USA
Date:Sun, Oct 19 1997 23:23hr

Name: Aliia Alanis Comment:
Your home-page is very insightfull :-)
... I practice reflexology myself, i´m reaing the reflexology manual by Pauline Wills and she mentions clour reflexology, i´m interested in buying the lamp or tool she uses but, i don´t know the name or where can i buy it.
I would apreciate if you could help me. I´m looking forward to hear from you and thank you very much for your help.
Alicia A.
City:monterrey mexico
Date:Tue, Oct 14 1997 16:59hr

Name: Sasha Fedchun Comment:
Dear Oma,
Hi, my name is Sasha. I am currently taking a course in Reflexology and I love it so much!! I wish that you could help me out in the way of advertising and accumulating clientel. I am only 18 years old and am in OAC (grade thirteen; only Ontario high schools have it). I was also wondering if I can make an honest living only by being a reflexologist. I really need help in finding clients. I have another maybe six weeks to go, but I think that I should learn now. I just realized that this was your Guestbook and not your e-mail. Oh well, if you could help me out, please e-mail me back. I'd greatly appreciate it. I really like your page! Thanks for letting me look around.
City:Windsor, Ontario Canada
Date:Fri, Oct 10 1997 23:52hr

Name: Jonathan Cruce Comment:
Hi, Oma! I'm Seagull. Just stopped by to find out who I AM. ;) You seem a wonder-full wise person and a great reflexologist. May the wind be at your back and may the rest of us never forget walking with bare feet in wet grass...

City:Clemson, SC USA
Date:Fri, Oct 10 1997 0:19hr

Name: lynn allen Comment:
hi oma, i'm needing information on "shockra"? im not sure its spelled correctly if you have any information you can give me or info on a website please let me know. thank you. lynn
City:winterpark u.s.a
Date:Thu, Oct 9 1997 16:1hr

Name: Peggy Hasselwander Comment:
Hi Oma. I like your web-site! Where would I find a foot diagram so that when I give my husband his daily foot rubs I can tell him what area of the body it's affecting. He loves my footrubs and says they make him feel TERRIFIC ! He'll be extremely fatigued before the foot rub and then afterwards -- he's like a new person!
City:Albany, NY USA
Date:Tue, Sept 30 1997 14:57hr

Name: Mike Muller Comment:
It's really great to get out there and help people. I wish there were at least two reflexologists in every family.

Best Wishes

City:San Diego,CA U.S.A.
Date:Mon, Sept 29 1997 0:35hr

Name: Jena McDonald Comment:

I would like to learn reflexology, and become licensed or certified in it. Where are there schools or training locations that could provide this for me?

Thank you,
jena :)
City:Loretto, TN United States
Date:Fri, Sept 26 1997 22:30hr

Name: Phyllis Berryhill Comment:
Thanks for your information. I have tried it and it is marvelous. I would like more information on Reflexology though. This is very interesting.
City:Henryetta, OK USA
Date:Thu, Sept 25 1997 8:11hr

Name: Francesca Comment:
Hi..I am trying to find good aromatherapy schools in the States or Europe. Do you know of any? Thank you.
City:Cabot,Vt USA
Date:Fri, Sept 12 1997 15:0hr

Name: Kaisar, Robert Comment:
Hallo, durch Zufall komme ich hierher, wow. Ich war auf der Suche
nach Info über eine Conference in London über REFLEXOLOGY.

Ich werde versuchen, dort eine neues System vorzustellen.
Es ist die Verbindung der abendländischen, INGHAM -Technik, zu der fernöstlichen, Meridianbezogenen (energetischen)
Praxis der TCM.
Der Name hierfür wird REFLEXPUNKTMASSAGE genannt.

Tja, nun suche ich weiter, thanks for writing. CIAO
City:89134 Blaustein Germany
Date:Thu, Sept 4 1997 17:6hr

Name: Norma Winner Comment:
I knew about Reflexology from my father, who was a chiropractor.
Being afflicted with Childhood Diabetes I was happy to have found a highly qualified Reflexologist, Oma at the Reflexology Center in Glendale.
When I started treatments I was on Insulin .
I experienced very notable numbness and pain in my legs, arms and hand. My gums had deteriorated to the point that the teeth did not have a hold anymore and my Dentist was very concerned about this condition.

A few month into the treatment sessions once a week I experienced considerable relief, the numbness and pain subsided, my hand and fingers had a better stronger grip again.
To the amazement of my Dentist my gums healed and turned firm,

My energy level allows me to fill a full-time executive position. I could reduce my Insulin 35 %. I am now on a maintenance program having Reflexology treatments every two weeks.
Reflexology enhances my immune system, normalizes circulation and coordination and balances Body Mind and Spirit, so I can say that I am emotionally stable and happy... I feel great.
I gave an account of my progress in writing 2 years ago. Now I like to confirm that the health benefits I get through Reflexology did not only stay with me but are still improving.

I am giving this testimony for the benefit of others who suffer from a seemingly hopeless health- condition You have nothing to loose and much to gain with Reflexology

City:LA CA
Date:Wed, Sept 3 1997 8:24hr

Name: Ingrid Margolin Comment:
Dear Oma,
My meeting you was both serendipitous and synchronistic. I feel blessed to have met you and to have been treated by you. Your treatments have been an important factor in my life, not only helping to reduce the stress in my life but they have also helped to alleviate another source of anguish in my life - the headaches. I look forward to my treatments as a gift I give myself, helping to heal both my body and spirit. For that I thank you. Although we miss you, Carol has been an excellent choice to carry on here. I want to wish you well with the new chapter in your life, your teaching, training and research. Thank you again and always. Love, Ingrid
City:Glendale, CA USA
Date:Fri, Aug 29 1997 23:26hr

Name: Magnar Oma Comment:
My name is Mr. Magnar Oma. Are You somhowe related to Norway.
City:Bergen Norway
Date:Mon, Aug 25 1997 13:37hr

Name: Ulla Meyerhof Comment:
Hi, Oma
I wrote you a German message recently, but I haven't heard from you so far...
I read your guestbook and a lot of people wanted to know, whether there are Foot Reflexology Seminars available:
In case you don't want to give seminars all the time, I could help you out.
My next Foot Reflexology Seminars are scheduled for October 3-5, 1997 in Aptos. It's a 20 hour intensive seminar on European Foot Reflexology (Certification, own wall-chart and manual included) Fee is $ 500.-
A lot of my students (I#m giving seminars since 1993) are making a living from Foot Reflexology now. JoeAnn Reimer( she uses now her maiden name Tennent) is one of them.
If you are interested in participoating "just for fun" you are invited to do so.
My address is:
Ulla Meyerhof
auf dem Bühl 46
87437 Kempten/Germany
I have an American voice-mail phone-number: (408) 482-4286
City:Kempten Germany
Date:Wed, Aug 13 1997 8:46hr

Name: egal Comment:
Sei mir nicht boese... habe nur in Yahoo "oma" eingegeben, so zu sagen als Orakel, um ein Zeichen auf den Gesundheitszustand meiner Oma (Grossmutter) zu bekommen, die ich vor ein paar Stunden ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert habe...
Tja, bin auf Deiner Site gelanded - keine Ahnung, was Du hier machst oder anbietest - ist auch egal: Du scheinst mir sehr lebendig zu sein... und das reicht mir erstmal... Alles gute, netter Engel und viel Glueck! O.
City:Hamburg Germany
Date:Sun, Aug 10 1997 18:56hr

Name: martha libster, r.n. Comment:
you look great! nice picture and home page. I plan to look into lamination and I'll let you know what i find out. thanks. enjoy nova scotia. i love that area of canada. did i tell you that harold and i went to prince edward for our honeymoon?
Date:Sun, Aug 10 1997 8:31hr

Name: Ms. Fagan Comment:
I would like to know more about foot reflexology. If there is someone out there who would like to share a foot and/or hand chart; I would love it. The tension in my entire body is incredible and a friend had told me about the pressure points in the foot and how the massage to those points can improve the tension and stress level in alternate parts of the body and mind. If this is indeed true, my feet (and body) would be very happy!!
Thank you!
I would be delighted if someone might want to respond to my request. I do not have an e-mail address, so it's the fax machine for me. The number: 1 (250) 757-8370.
City:Parksville, Van. Isl. CANADA
Date:Wed, Aug 6 1997 0:28hr

Name: Jeff Torda Comment:
Dear Sir:

Aloha! I have been a Professional Foot Reflexologist in Hawaii for 17 years. I just was curious to see if there were other Foot Reflexologists around, as I am truly one of few Foot Reflexologists in Hawaii and the only one on the island I reside on. I love my profession and only my other profession as a Jehovah's Witness Christian minister supercedes my love for Foot Reflexology. Mahalo and Aloha.
Jeff Torda
Jehovah's Witness Minister
Professional Foot Reflexologist
City:Hawaii U.S.A 96793
Date:Mon, Aug 4 1997 14:26hr

Name: Ulla Meyerhof, Heilpraktiker Comment:
Hallo, Oma Teuwen,
ist ja eine Überraschung Sie in der WebSite zu finden...
Ich bin auch auf dem besten Wege eine eigene Homepage zu machen. Ich werde mit european foot reflexology und spynamics Kurse geben. Vielleicht sieht man sich ja mal wieder. Damals in L.A. waren Sie so schnell weg, daß es nicht mal für einen kleinen Tratsch gereicht hat...
Liebe Grü&slig;e
Ulla Meyerhof (früher Goller)
City:Kempten, Germany
Date:Sun, Aug 3 1997 7:33hr

Name: Debi Kulbaba Comment:
I am very interested in aromatherapy. When I looked up aromatherapy your guestbook came up. I would like any information that you could give me.
Any one who knows how I can get 1/2 ounce amber/dark bottles and essential oils please feel free to email me. Thanks Debi
City:Alburtis USA
Date:Fri, Aug 1 1997 21:25hr

Name: Connie Matanky Comment:
I have been fortunate enough to have been a patient of Oma's for several years now. I first sought Oma's care for help with migraines, after having exhausted the "traditional" health care options(i.e. prescription drugs). Within a few months I experienced a significant relief from both the frequency and intensity of the migraines, and now only have an occasional reminder that the problem ever exsisted. Later I sought Oma's care for a duodenal ulcer. I was cured within three months and have had no recurrance. Now I seek out Oma for preventive care. And what CARE it is! Oma is a fountain of wisdom and healing light. She has a pretty wry sense of humor too!
City:Glendale USA
Date:Thu, Jul 31 1997 21:42hr

Name: Rosalie Vespa Comment:
Dear Oma,

I really want to find a reputable school for acquiring knowledge about reflexology. Many thanks for any suggestions in my area.


Rosalie Vespa
City:Mt. Kisco NY US
Date:Tue, Jul 29 1997 11:1hr

Name: Dawn Baynes Comment:
i didn't have a chance to look over your guestbook but you
have quite a list. i'm new to computer chatting and i just
found out my aunt( who is like a mother to me) has inoperable lung cancer- and am searching the web for
different support groups or organizations to find out
where i can get in touch with doctors to answer some
questions i have regarding the treatment she is about to
undergo--such as alternative methods
City:baltimore usa
Date:Thu, Jul 24 1997 17:12hr

Name: Jon Thomas Comment:
I really appreciate your kindness in sharing your life experience's with the world. I just had my first reflexology session and my whole body felt better. I was wondering how often should I go back? I'm in pretty good health but I would go all the time if I could. Thanks again!

Jon T emc34tt
City:sc usa
Date:Tue, Jul 22 1997 15:11hr

Name: rebecca boon Comment:
hi oma, glad to have come across your website. i would actually like to know more about your work.
oma, my mum is suffering from stage 3 colon cancer and she has gone for the operation 3 weeks ago. she is now recuperating at home. we still do not know what post-treatment therapy she has to go through as she is already 67 years old.
i would very much like to find out from you how i should go about giving her the proper foot massage and what essential oil i should use. i'm totally new to reflexology and would like to learn more about it. also hope that with my new knowledge, i can help my mum to relax and di-stress her system.
oma, thanks in advance for your advice. hope to hear from you soon. god bless.
City:singapore singapore
Date:Sat, Jul 5 1997 23:27hr

Name: Wong Vic Cern Comment:
I 'm from Malaysia. My father is suffering from kidney disorder. I would like your help, Oma to give some advice regarding this disorder. :))
City:Bahau Malaysia
Date:Sat, Jul 5 1997 9:16hr

Name: David Comment:
Find your info very interesting. I have been using this method on my wife for many years and appear to have a "natural touch" if there is any such thing. Perhaps I am just sensitive to her reactions, but usually I can go directly to the problem areas. At my advanced age of 60, it appears impossible to get the certification or licensing that seem to be required in Texas, although I feel I could serve very effectively in this area.
City:Academy, Texas USA
Date:Wed, Jul 2 1997 13:5hr

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