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Webmaster's note: Oma regrets that her schedule does not permit her to respond to requests for information that is easily researched on this site and elsewhere on the Web.

Name: Sally Shanks Comment:
I am currently studying Beauty Therapy and have completed a short course on Reflexology. After witnessing and hearing about the amazing effects of such treatments I have since decided to choose Reflexology as my thesis topic. Your page has been a great source of both interest and information. Thank you.

City: Gisborne New Zealand
Date: Mon, Jun 30 1997 5:26hr

Name: Ryan Hofer Comment:
I have enjoyed browsing around your site, it is helpful and contains a lot of practical information.
There is some information however that I am looking for and have not been able to find much on, and that is in the area of athletes and reflexology.
Because I am fairly new in practicing reflexology I am looking for any available information that may be known about sports and reflexology. I have a unique opportunity to work with elite athletes this summer. If you have any expierences, suggestons, idea's ect... about the subject it would be great to hear about them.
E-Mail: rhofer(a.silk.net
City: Kelowna CANADA
Date: Tue, Jun 24 1997 22:11hr

Name: W&C Scherer Comment:
We came from Baden (Gelbfuessler!)too
Where in the Black Forest are you from ?
Like your site !

E-Mail: scherer(a.reach.net
City: Picton Canada
Date: Mon, Jun 23 1997 9:13hr

Name: Dr. Clint Comstock Comment:
Oma, you are the most incredible healer in the world!!!
Love Clint and Patti.
E-Mail: numed(a.aol.com
City: Burbank, CA LOs Angeles
Date: Wed, Jun 18 1997 1:51hr

Name: Linda Kruger Comment:
I am a massage therapist, reflexologist and teacher of reflexology to other massage therapists. I just discovered your pages and they are very interesting and valuable. Good health to you and keep up the good work.
E-Mail: lkruger(a.bellsouth.net
City: Miami Beach USA
Date: Sat, Jun 7 1997 20:25hr

Name: Bonita Armbruster Comment:
I enjoyed the information that you shared with me.. I hope that someday I will be as educated and have the chance to experience the art of reflexology.....
City: L,burg IN U.S.
Date: Fri, Jun 6 1997 9:20hr

Name: S. T. Comment:
Hello Oma, How are you? I am writing to you on behalf of Freya Hoekstra. Freya is the mother of a friend of mine. She is 63 years old and has colon cancer. I am here at her house today helping her make vegetable juices because she has difficulty keeping solid foods down. Freya is slowly awakening to the spiritual aspect of her position and needs to communicate with people who are already on such a path. On May 30th Freya is going to have a colostomy. If you have information that would be useful to her now and for after the operation she would be grateful. Or if you would like to be a spiritual support person and communicate with Freya over the internet. She is not very familiar with computers but I have asked her son-in-law if he would be the middle man and help to get your messages to Freya and visa-versa. Freya is a very beautiful woman and is very open to learning what her position is here to teach her.
So liebes Omalein, I love you ever so much and I pray that the ever luminous light continues to shine through you. I did not go to Seattle this weekend because it was not well planned on my part. If you would like to come and visit us here in Duncan I would be thrilled. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a wonderful visit with Thomas. I am looking forward to his visit. I love you.
E-Mail: genier(a.sprynet.com
City: Cobble Hill canada
Date: Sun, May 25 1997 17:50hr

Name: Rick Cole Comment:
Oma is a true Angel.
E-Mail: rickcole(a.webaccess.com
City: Los Angeles USA
Date: Fri, May 23 1997 12:52hr

Name: Sally Peters, LMP Comment:
Have a client suffering from acute inflammation of the pubic bone and am unsure what Reflexology point will help her. Would appreciate feedback.
Thank you.
E-Mail: tsm(a.eznet.com
City: Spokane USA
Date: Fri, May 23 1997 11:10hr

Name: Debi Bridgman Comment:
I enjoyed reading your articles and information on your web site. I am very interested in learning the art of reflexology. Thank you for your help!
E-Mail: hivo(a.nemonet.com
City: Monroe City Mo USA
Date: Wed, May 21 1997 15:55hr

Name: Christine Comment:
I had a question as to if reflexology could possibly help with the nausea associated with morning sickness for pregnant women?

Thank you
E-Mail: cargril(a.netwrx.net
City: phoenix usa
Date: Sat, May 17 1997 17:41hr

Name: shirl Comment:
Dear Oma,
Recently got certified to teach Reflexology and really enjoyed browsing through your pages. Please take good care of yourself so that we can benefit from your wisdom for many years to come.
E-Mail: rbarr(a.terra.nf.ca
City: Labrador Canada
Date: Sun, May 11 1997 23:14hr

Name: Patricia Baker-Eye Comment:
Your love of life, of others, and all that you do is apparent in your writing and your face. You are very beautiful.
E-Mail: trisheye(a.castles.com
City: Rocklin, CA USA
Date: Wed, Apr 16 1997 17:46hr

Name: Barbie Kendrick Comment:
Oma, I recently took a reflexology course for self knowledge and received a copy of a foot diagram that indicated each area of the foot that represented what part of the body for pressure and relief. I have lost that paper and am looking for information on this again. I am not a professional this is only for my own use and for my husbands. Please tell me where I could find a diagram of this again. I really enjoyed it, I found it to be interesting as well as truly helpful. Thank you. Barbie
E-Mail: barbiekendrick(a.worldnet.att.net
City: Shawnee, KS USA
Date: Mon, Apr 14 1997 0:44hr

Name: Coen van der Kroon Comment:
Hi there, nice that you give info on urine therapy. I run an elaborate ( site on urine therapy) which might be interesting to add to your info on urine therapy.
In Germany there will be a Second World Conference on Urine Therapy in the summer of 1998; info also on my UT website. I am the author of a book on urine therapy, which is a bestseller in Europe (The Golden Fountain; The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy). Have you seen this book already? I wish you all best with your wonderful site and I'll put it in my Favorite Links. Greetings, Coen
E-Mail: cvdk(a.knoware.nl
City: Amsterdam Holland
Date: Fri, Apr 11 1997 6:48hr

Name: Patricia Pedersen Comment:
Hi Oma,
This is Carol Riddles's cousin -- we met at the Open House last month. I hope you received the photos. I really enjoyed meeting you and seeing the Center. It was obvious how much love you put into it, and I am sure Carol will continue in the healing tradition. I recall you mentioned a student of yours working out of San Francisco.
Would you be so kind as to tell me how I can get in touch with her/him? I am doing research for a chiropractor in Pacifica who is considering, (not decided) expanding his practice to include other healing arts including reflexology. It is for this reason I make this inquiry. I look forward to your reply.
E-Mail: pedersen(a.cris.com
City: Pacifica USA
Date: Thu, Apr 10 1997 14:3hr

Name: Bian-hien Tan Comment:
Dear Oma,
My apology for using this column for a request rather than a comment or a suggestion.
I have been acquainted with reflexology since the last 20 years and practiced it from time to time when the need arises. Alas there was very limited books around to really 'pinpoint' the exact location of the reflex point. Most of the time it was just a guess from looking to an obscure drawing or diagram and massaging the area until the pain intensified and then subdued followed by 'apparent' healing of the 'illness' which is self-satisfying.
I am so satisfied with the result that I would like to promote to my family and friends but time and time again I hesitate in pointing the right/correct location of the reflex point. Can you help my predicament? Anything that helps me find the right resources/books/drawing available internationally.
I have seen your recommended list of resources and books but so many of them that left me more confused. I rather go straight to you Oma and with your wealth of experience in this field you should be able recommend me one or two books or drawings comprehensive enough and accurate to be kept forever.
Many thanks Oma for your attention and kind help.
E-Mail: bihita(a.hotmail.com
City: Jakarta Indonesia
Date: Wed, Apr 9 1997 21:9hr

Name: elainie price comment:
just browseing through the web crawler under aromatherapists and came across this summary on reflexology!
have always been interested in learning more about it!
E-Mail: sujay(a.pnx.com
City: Orange U.S.A.
Date: Thu, Apr 3 1997 3:33hr

Name: Ricke Mauro Comment:
I am a massage therapist and I use reflexology, aromatherapy, music therapy, and light therapy to enhance the effects.
I have had working knowledge of reflexology for over 25 years, but have only been trained and practicing for 4.

I know reflexology is a sound science. I trust my body and the messages it sends to me. My mind chooses reflexology over any other modality in the healing arts...it knows what is good for it.
A favorite story of mine is about one day when I was having work done to me by Fredis Busby. She was working away on my big toe in the nexk area (I am reclining in a salon chair) when "CRACK"! goes my neck. My neck had adjusted itself. It made such a loud sound and jerked with such force we both started laughing.

THANK YOU OMA. I love everything you have provided here, it is wonderful information.
E-Mail: hvmt(a.swbell.net
City: Houston, TX USA
Date: Mon, Mar 31 1997 21:5hr

Name: Tess DiGangi Comment:
Dear Oma,
I love your web site. I have two questions I would like to ask you. I am an American living abroad and would like to know if you know of any book in English written specifically about what emotional disorders are connected to specific physical disorders.
I believe that most of our physical dis-eases are caused by emotional imbalances. I would like to treat the cause as well as the effect.

My next question is I will be in Rome in the beginning of May and would like to try and get in contact with Monica Wightman.
Do you know if she has an e-mail address I can reach her through?

Thank you for all your information and the time you put into it.
Forever questioning and learning,
E-Mail: esoterica.digangi(a.pi.net
City: Amsterdam Holland
Date: Mon, Mar 24 1997 14:21hr

Name: kate sievers Comment:
hi Oma! I am using a friends computer and internet access. Have looked at most of the info you have here, only very briefly though. This is great. If any one wants a foot reflexologist up here in Sonoma County be sure to give them my phone number.
We have a new address that I will be sending you. Take care.
Miss you.
Love and Blessings
City: santa rosa wine country,usa
Date: Sat, Mar 22 1997 17:57hr

Name: Noemi Selisker Comment:
I know I am in serious need of a session of reflexology!
E-Mail: noemi(a.net999.com
City: Los Angeles USA
Date: Mon, Mar 17 1997 21:25hr

Name: Gina Flett Comment:
I am a practising Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and part time tutor. Thank you for a wealth of information, you are providing a wonderful service.
E-Mail: bob(a.bobflett.demon.co.uk
City: Flintshire North Wales UK
Date: Mon, Mar 17 1997 20:45hr

Name: D.A.R. Comment:
Oma...I am a practicing Aromatherapist and Reflexologist from Whitby, Canada. I am constantly amazed at the benefits of this wonderful science!
As I don't yet have a web-site, I am including my telephone # in the "E-Mail Zone"!
E-Mail: (905) 665-1254
City: Whitby CANADA
Date: Mon, Mar 17 1997 12:48hr

Name: pat bosman Comment:
Oma I have found your pages very informative I will keep intouch .
City: randburg south africa
Date: Sat, Mar 15 1997 15:11hr

Name: Leslie Marston Comment:
I have just moved to the Orange County area from Seattle, was wondering if you could refer me to any reflexologists down here. HAve had limited exposure to it but I know ut works. I think that I am in need of it now. Thank you!
E-Mail: john(a.marinegraphics.com
City: Newport Beach, CA USA
Date: Mon, Mar 10 1997 1:5hr

Name: Clementina Jarrin Comment:
Hello Dear Oma:
I was looking on my son Web Site machine and located your Webe Page. I will call you this week.
Love Clementina
City: Burbank USA
Date: Sun, Mar 9 1997 22:54hr

Name: Allan Comment:
I am thinking of retiring in Arizona.... get away from cold winters (especially this one) can someone tell me what laws Arizona has concerning Reflexology. Thank you
E-Mail: sfea.astcyr(a.sk.sympatico.ca
City: G'bourg Canada
Date: Sun, Mar 9 1997 17:27hr

Name: Rich Leskauskas Comment:
Hi, Just returning from Florida and I met somone who told me about reflexology. I had a stroke 4 years ago and it left me partially paralized. I was wondering if reflexology could help me in any way. If it can, could you send me the names of somebody I could contact in the New Jersey/New York area. Thank You!!
E-Mail: rdgway(a.aol.com
City: Toms River,NJ USA
Date: Tue, Mar 4 1997 9:29hr

Name: Dodey Mangum Comment:
Hi Oma, Interesting to find you on the almighty Internet. I've been experiencing burning under my toes on the right foot only. Could this be related to thyroid problems as indicated on a foot reflexology chart I found? I believe in foot reflexology and used to go to one. Maybe I can adopt you via the internet. Love to hear from you. Thanks, Dodey.
E-Mail: Kennewic(a.cc.usu.edu
City: Logan, Utah USA
Date: Mon, Mar 3 1997 16:20hr

Name: Lloyd Davis Comment:
Just got here and I'm gonna take a look around.
E-Mail: lloyd.beth(a.worldnet.att.net
City: Fresno USA
Date: Fri, Feb 28 1997 2:3hr

Name: Frederik Teuwen Comment:
Sorry was just looking at my lastname.....
E-Mail: mb179(a.hi.ft.hse.nl
City: Heeze Netherlands
Date: Wed, Feb 26 1997 6:19hr

Name: Daniel C. Pokorny Comment:
Oma, If it was not for my grandfather treating me with reflexology at a very young age, I don't believe I'd be walking today. I quit walking at age 5 due to extreme problems with my hip joints . I can vividly recall the numerous evening sessions on the kitchen table. I am curently living in Florida and would like to find a reputable certification program here in Orlando, can you help me out with that?
E-Mail: dpokorny(a.banyan.utelfla.com
City: Orlando USA
Date: Tue, Feb 18 1997 15:58hr

Name: Liz Curtin Comment:
Enjoyed reading all your info. Am new to hand and foot reflexology and would love to hear about others experiences with schools and training, etc.
E-Mail: bebopjaz(a.concentric.net
Date: Mon, Feb 17 1997 22:0hr

Name: Carol Comment:
This is the first time I have visited your page, and I immediately enjoyed it. Also, your chat about an HIV infected male and your help gave me some inspiration. My 30 year old step-daughter also is HIV positive, and shamefully, had not thought about reflexology. I will give it a try. Is there any place in particular that one should give extra attention? I will also check my sources, but did not know about the urine treatment either. I was blessed years ago getting to learn how to do reflexology and feel this is indeed a God-given gift to keep us going...and it really has kept myself and my mother of 70 on track. I will be putting you in my Favorite Place on the computer, and will be checking in with you again. Thanks!
E-Mail: cleoh56(a.digital-marketplace.net
City: Worcester,NY USA
Date: Mon, Feb 17 1997 12:28hr

Name: Julie Miller Comment:
I am writing a research paper on reflexology in my english class, and would love to have more information. If you can, or have time, please send all the information you think will benifit. Thank you!!
E-Mail: richm(a.cybertrails.com
City: Joseph city Az. U.S.A
Date: Thu, Feb 13 1997 19:14hr

Name: Sandra Klein Comment:
Can you please list the job opportunities for certified refexologists in Canada. I am researching reflexology as a career combined with being a foot care specialist as an R.N.
E-Mail: drsklein(a.wat.hookup.net
City: Brantford,Ont Canada N3R 6P3
Date: Wed, Feb 12 1997 22:54hr

Name: Jean Rowan-Tucker Comment:
i know from experience that reflexology works!
E-Mail: JTucker464(a.aol.com
City: Tipp City, OH USA
Date: Mon, Feb 10 1997 1:18hr

Name: Quentin & Valerie Hall Comment:
Very interesting. We'll be back. Valerie is studying Reflexology as an adjunct to her work as a Chiropodist.
E-Mail: quentin(a.emirates.net.ae
City: Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Date: Tue, Feb 4 1997 14:7hr

Name: Lama Comment:
i am just getting into reflexology, is there any words of advice you can offer me.
E-Mail: JBomme6148(a.aol.com
City: Westwood USA
Date: Sun, Feb 2 1997 12:46hr

Name: Connie Baker Comment:
I have been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. Do you know of someone in Kansas City who practices reflexology?
E-Mail: BakeKC(a.aol.com
City: Lenexa, Ks USA
Date: Fri, Jan 31 1997 17:23hr

Name: S. T. Comment:
I love you!!!!!


City: Duncan, B.C. Canada
Date: Wed, Jan 29 1997 23:36hr

Name: Jeanie Smith Comment:
Dear Oma, I found you quite by accident. I too have Fibromyalgia. I couldn't help noticing that someone else had written you about this condition. I was hoping to find what your response was to her. Since I'm new to this area I was hoping that maybe there was a way that maybe I wasn't aware of to view what your answer was. Is there? I am finding all of this information I have found at your site very interesting. Please help me if possible to locate your answer concerning Fibromyalgia. Thank you in advance. Jeanie
E-Mail: jpcat1(a.aol.com
City: Cottage Grove,Or USA
Date: Tue, Jan 28 1997 3:23hr

Name: david f.bowman Comment:
i just started getting treatments and iam trying to learn about this art.it seems like something that a person should have a working knowledge so they can keep them selves fine tuned.
E-Mail: dbowman(a.flash.net
City: oklahoma city usa
Date: Sat, Jan 25 1997 22:25hr

Name: Amber Smithwhite Comment:
I'm new to the net. Hopefully you will find my home page before too long.
City: Saltash United Kingdom
Date: Mon, Jan 20 1997 20:57hr

Name: Angela Comment:
I am trying to find a course or get the names of schools which offer a course in Reflexology. Please could you tell me where I might begin my search. I have tried unsuccessfully on the computer. You are the closest I have come to finding an answer. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
City: lANSING usa
Date: Sun, Jan 19 1997 18:37hr

Name: Therese Comment:
Thanks for sharing your information with us.
City: Toronto Ont. Canada
Date: Fri, Jan 17 1997 21:10hr

Name: Debbie Comment:
I have only just become interested in the study of reflexology. I wonder if you would be so kind as to tell me what the charge is for one session of reflexology? I'm trying to get some idea of whether I can make a living at it....
E-Mail: rdowning26(a.aol.com
City: midwest
Date: Fri, Jan 17 1997 0:4hr

Name: Martha Brown Comment:
I am suffering from fibromyalgia and have tried many different treatments and prescriptions. I have just purchased a book on reflexology. Have you had success with people suffering from fibromyalgia. I'd like to give it a try
E-Mail: jrvb(a.sentex.com
City: Guelph Canada
Date: Wed, Jan 15 1997 11:54hr

Name: louise Comment:
Hello Oma, How delighful it is to read your website. I have bookmarked it so I can go back to it as often as I need and as quick as I want. I have recently graduated from a Reflexology course although I became aware of this alternative medecine 15 years ago and very few therapists were available then in Canada. It is such a marvelous way to meet people as you provide them with comfort and many times ectasy. I have devoured your comments and I am not done yet of course as I savour your thoughts. It is such a nice feeling to be able to help others and to put a smile on their faces. I must say I enjoy massaging the feet. It seems that I go into a trance while I am working on a foot. I close my eyes and try to feel the problem areas and focus on improving the troubled feet. Anyhow I must go and I hope that you keep on writing because we do need your experience. Thank you for being who you are.
E-Mail: louise(a.icom.ca
City: Dunnville Ontario Beautiful Canada
Date: Wed, Jan 8 1997 23:37hr

Name: Cynthia Gerres Comment:
I'm very new to the subject and have great desire to learn all I can, "Not only for my sake but for the sake of others!" Any help for the mentally unstable woman, wife and mother of 5 growning children? This is the way I want to go. No other way but this.
E-Mail: CindyGerres(a.WashColl.Edu
City: Chestertown,MD USA
Date: Mon, Jan 6 1997 15:29hr

Name: James Comment:
If you could provided some recommendations regarding schools in the Toronto area to become a certified reflexologist, I would be most appreciative. Thanks...
E-Mail: ca738(a.torfree.net
City: Toronto Canada
Date: Thu, Jan 2 1997 15:4hr

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